Troubleshooting ID upload for identity verification

We require that you provide an image of your photo ID to confirm your identity. We’ll need to capture an image of your government-issued photo ID, such as an ID Card or passport. Please do not email us with images of your Photo ID.

If you are running into issues with uploading your ID, try the following steps:

Check browser compatibility #

This option is compatible with recent versions of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

Be sure to check that your browser application is up to date, as our upload tools may not work properly with older browsers

Confirm ID Details #

  • Check that your ID is not expired.
  • Check that the ID uploaded belongs to the individual whose information is being verified.
  • ID must not be redacted, altered, or damaged.

Problems with accessing your computer’s webcam to photograph your ID #

Check that you’ve given permission to access your webcam – If you block permissions to your camera, refer to Chrome [chrome://settings/content/camera], Safari, Edge documentation on allowing to use your webcam. 

If you do not have a webcam or are running into issues with your webcam, you can use the camera on your mobile phone.

Problems with the actual photograph #

  • Be sure that you’re well lit from the front, not the back.
  • Make sure that your fingers are not covering any parts of the ID.
  • If you are using your mobile phone, try laying the ID on a flat contrasting surface in a well lit room.

Image upload requirements:

  • Image must be clear, with all edges included
  • Image must be in color
  • Image must be in .png or .jpg format

If your upload fails, retry the upload or try the upload with a different web browser.

If you still have trouble uploading your ID after following the options listed above, contact our Support Team.